Engage The Cats

The Silicon Alley Cats are very particular about with whom they hangout. There are two stages to working with the cats. The first is stage is evaluation and feedback. All startups interested in working with the cats must have initial consultation. If there mutual interest in continuing to work together, the cats may be willing to stick around as advisors. As advisors, they contribute a few hours a month of their time and access to their network of connections.

1) Initial Consultation – $600 (no negotiation)

Bonnie Halper and Marc Prosser will review your business plan and meet you to discuss your business. During the meeting, you will receive feedback about whay you need to do make your business more attractive to investors and who might be good potential backers.

2) Advisor Roles – ( 35 – 125 basis points)

Venture Capital Introductions, Media Influence, Online Marketing Guidance

If Bonnie Halper or Marc Prosser believe they can add value to a startup, they may offer their services as advisor in exchange for equity (options). In addition to being able to provide introductions to many venture capitalists and angel investors, Bonnie has decades experience in the areas of recruiting and media relations. Marc Prosser specializes in the fields of business strategy and online marketing.

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